We work with the most vulnerable communities in Colombia

Corpocampo is the # 1 Producer of Açaí Berry and Palmito, Fruits of La Palma Naidí

Our Company

Corpocampo was founded in 2003 as a non-profit company, with two production plants in the jungles of the Colombian Pacific, on the banks of the Guapi River in the department of Cauca and in Tumaco – Nariño. In partnership with the Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities in the region, the use of Naidí or açaí palm (Euterpe Oleracea) has been advanced, an abundant wild palm in the region from which the palmito and the acai fruit are extracted through a system that guarantees The sustainability of the resource.
In 2006, palm heart exports began to the European community (France) and then to the USA, MEXICO, CHILE, JAPAN, LIBANO market and from 2011 and by approval of Carrefour France, Auchan, and Almacenes Éxito in Colombia ( Casino) we started manufacturing our own brands for these supermarkets for both France and Colombia.
Our market has been gradually expanding with a view to greater use of this fruit, strengthening self-sustainable crops, having greater penetration and acceptance in the domestic market.
We are an Environmentally Responsible Company
The waste constitutes a natural fertilizer since it decomposes quickly and integrates it into the soil, due to high temperature and humidity conditions, which accelerates the metabolism of the plant and its natural fertilization. This has allowed the use of this palm for more than 30 years without diminishing the original environmental offer in the same areas.

The Farmer, Our MAIN PARTNER

The Colombian Pacific zone where our plants are located, is one of the poorest regions in the country that have been highly affected by the armed conflict in the area and where there are few sources of employment for its inhabitants. Within the work model implemented by Corpocampo, we work with the Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities of the Pacific. We accompany and train farmers in the area, from planting to harvest, providing inputs and technical assistance for the care and extraction of products, this allows important alliances with farmers with fair trade policies where we commit to buy 100 % of production at a fair and sustainable price in the long term.

Our Work Benefits 1200 Families

We generate employment for Afro-Colombian families in areas where violence and poverty have wreaked havoc: Guapi, Buenaventura, Tumaco and Puerto Asís.

Our Certifications

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ECOCERT is one of the most important certification and control bodies in Europe. It was founded in France in 1991 by a group of agronomists, aware of the need to develop an agriculture that respects the environment and will give recognition to those who commit to this mode of production.



USDA is the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that certifies organic food harvested by farmers who use renewable resources and practice strict methods for water and land conservation and thus improve environmental conditions for future generations.


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